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Sure, charity is its own reward. But when your company donates office and Pentium-level computers to help education, you get an awful lot in return.

For starters, you get better schooling for the children of your community. Schools that didnít even have computers can suddenly open more kidsí eyes to greater possibilities. And with the right supplies to spur them along, you donít just get thanks; you get a future with a more educated population.

But perhaps just as important is the good youíre doing for the environment. By recycling office supplies, and donating Pentium-level computers, youíre greatly reducing the amounts that go into landfills. Which also means you save on disposal and even, in some cases, hazmat fees. Also, your corporate donation could mean an augmented tax deduction. Consult your tax advisor for details.

Call (716) 823-7248 ext. 571 and youíll be surprised how you can help yourself and your community through Computers For Children and the Materials Reuse Project.


CFC Donation Proceedures

Computers For Children enhances the learning opportunities for schoolchildren by increasing their access to current computers & information technology. Started in 1997 by four local "twenty something" professionals, Computers For Children has donated over 6,000 computers to more than 700 schools, touching the lives of more than 90,000 students.

Why Donate to CFC?

The computer equipment donated to Computers For Children is refurbished and placed in schools right here in Western New York. Not only are you helping to improve educational opportunities for less-privileged schoolchildren, youíll be making a donation that is tax 21st Century Classroom Act. All contributions to Computers For Children, Inc., in-kind and cash, are TAX- DEDUCTIBLE!!!!

Donation Proceedures

1. Call (716) 823-7248 ex. 500, Fax (716) 823-0960 or e-mail ( the list of computer equipment. Please include number of units and the speed of computer processor.


12-Flat Panel monitors


10- P4 Laptop Computers

10-Pentium 4 Computers


2-HP inkjet printers




2. Once equipment is approved, Computers For Children will work with your schedule and trucking service to accept the donation at 701 Seneca Street Ste.601, Buffalo, 14210.

3. You will receive a certificate of in-kind where your donation will be listed. An invoice for cash contribution can be sent to your company or prearranged according to the approved inventory list.

Computer Equipment Acceptable for Donation


  • Systems with Pentium IV or higher 
  • Systems that are capable of running Windows XP or better
  • Keyboards - (Higher Need For Black Keyboards)
  • Mice - (Higher Need For Black Mice)
  • Networking equipment
  • Any Size Flat Panel Monitors

*Please note that due to overwhelming stock we are not able to accept ANY 15" CRT Monitors at this time


  • Systems with Pentium III or lower
  • Systems running Windows 98 or older operating systems
  • Any monitor with a connection other than a 15-pin VGA
  • Dot-matrix printers
  • Laser printers
  • Ink jet printers or scanners

**NOTE: At this time we are not accepting Apple computer equipment**

Effective 4/6/2009, Computers for Children will accept donations on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.


For your convenience Computers For Children will accept your donation at 701 Seneca Street Ste.601, Buffalo NY 14210. The inventory control personnel at Computers For Children will coordinate all approved deliveries. Thank you for your support and helping to make educational goals a reality.


Donating Other Items

History and MRP Goals

The Materials Reuse Project (MRP) was started 6 years ago by a Buffalo parent who was frustrated by the lack of basic supplies available to students in city classrooms. Our mission is to arrange for the direct donation of surplus materials from businesses for classroom use. To accomplish this, the MRP has forged partnerships with the City of Buffalo Public School District, encompassing 75 schools and 45,000 students.To compensate for dwindling supply budgets, The Materials Reuse Project has placed $2,000,000 of donations from more than 125 companies into the Buffalo schools. We are committed to making the public school a setting for effective education.

Our organization contacts donor companies, arranges for pickups and alerts teachers to what is available. Warehouse space is opened to teachers and non-profits so they can "shop" for the items they need.

What is Donated to MRP?

This year 100,000 folders, 525,000 3 ring binders,125 pallets of paper, pens, and pencils, were donated. Thousands of sheets of poster board, colored paper, ink, markers, drawing paper and fabric have found their way to children in the district. Vocational shop programs have been given such diverse items as wood, a radial arm saw and coping saws. Fabric for home-ec classes, and flour for the culinary program have also been donated and used. The variety of items received is almost as remarkable as the abundance of items requested.

Do you have something you can donate?

Contact us at 716-823.PC4U (7248) or visit our websites:


Materials Reuse Profect Website Link


Sponsored by Empire State Development


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